Friday, June 13, 2014

Andrei Arlovski vs. Brendan Schaub

After a six-year break, the UFC returns Belarusian Andrei Arlovski (21-10, 9-4 UFC), who in his time has revolutionized the weight of heavy, proving that athletic, fast player who is not a big guy, you may distribute the cards in the Royal Division. Face of having done two consecutive wins in the Octagon Brendan Schaub (10-3, 6-3 UFC).
The challenge, there are two huge and fragile at the same time unknown. One is jaw Schaub, second - Arlovskiego jaw. Taking into account the fact that both players are being applied, even the smallest mistake can cost one or the other fail.
All three lost a career American can dump attributed to the delicacy of his jaw, possibly deficits defensive skills on the feet. Belarusian in turn by (T) KO lost as many as 7 out of 10 fights, though it's worth noting that the last time he fell unconscious on the board in 2011, so these few years without a knockout is a Filmaster status - it may be a result of weaker rivals, with whom he came to measure, but I think that disputes can influence Arlovskiego is aware that one good shot for him to finish the evening, which leads to the fact that it is in recent times a lot pasywniejszy than it used to be. He does not avoid the clinch, sometimes refuting (as recently with Andreas Kraniotakesem), does not hit hard, because that would imply the unveiling. It has left its mark on him without a doubt the Greek Jackson, with whom trains. His head with a feeble Mike Hayes, a well-known, moreover, with the NSS, and a somewhat more robust Mike Kyle (both półciężcy) won by decisions certainly not optimistic fans Belarusian confrontation with Schaub. The loss to Anthony Johnson, in which Andrew fought with a broken jaw, did I mention, because it's just a very good light heavyweight. Although ... still light heavyweight.
It is no different, however, is the case with Saturday's rival Arlovskiego. After Knock-out of the hands of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira the very old słabiutkiego Ben Rothwell and Brendan Schaub has revalued value, the next two battles without risking the adoption of subsequent blows to his jaw, harnessing the same to operate your stocks and BJJ. These first defeated Lavar Johnson after a few spectacular - gently speaking - the fight, the latter gave Matt Mitrione.
It seems that these two kruchoszczękich players will witness the clash at UFC 174, the American has more opportunities to prevent an up front knockout, thanks to its grapplingowi, which, as I mentioned in the last battles will refer. Arlovski is still primarily a striker, and although the last battle it was clear that reliably worked on sprowadzeniami and fight in advance, so that slaughtered Kraniotakesa, it is most often exchanged blows on the feet. It's hard, after all, an old dog learn new tricks. Given his careful derivation of blows, it will be difficult to end his head ahead of time - and that means the necessity of turning battles mainly just standing up. Dziurawa defensive Arlovskiego is indeed the last camouflaged by kickbokserskiego risk aversion, is it really after all these years, you can trust him? Apparently Belarusian explains that after losing to Fedor Emelianenko earned a lot of money, which led to the overall decrease his motivation, which allegedly were the result of successive failures, but on the other hand, Arlovski do not see no fire in recent times.
Defensive stocks Belarusian can be challenging for the American, who, after training at Gracie feels very firmly on the ground, which eliminates the risk of admission to the jaw unwanted blow. While stójkowych exchanges a small technical advantage can be Arlovski, taking into account its porous guard, I estimate the chances of both players in the plane for about 50/50. Remains an open question as mentally affect Schaub any defensible by Andrew attempts takedowns? As far as they go zdeprymują, and how much they add confidence Belarusians?
Finally, minimally more inclined to Brendan, who has more tools that can be used, if the fight on the feet will not be placed the his way (assuming that they do not fall at the first blow, of course ...). Arlovski weak jaw is trying to hide behind Stójków passivity, which, however, is still ... Stójków. In the final battle presented the admittedly few good takedowns and gnp good, but they do not Kraniotakes Schaub. I do not expect to American asked Arlovskiemu first career defeat via submission, so ... is the decision or knockout. I'll put on the latter - without the slightest conviction.

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