Friday, June 13, 2014

Kajan Johnson vs. Tae Hyun Bang

In a duel of two players on average at most records debuting in the UFC after 12 years of a career Kajan Johnson (19-10-1, 0-0 UFC) crosses gloves with having already won one defeat at White and Company Tae Hyun Bangui (16-8, 0-1 UFC).
Stójkowo none presents a distinctive level. Johnson much more work on the legs and will also probably faster, while having better range. Also consists of combinations from which avoids Bang uses kicks, but rather alien to Koreańczykowi. His defensive Stójków is very average, which could mean big problems for him, because Bang - although it is much more static, constantly hunting for that one knockout blow, it just ... it has heavy hands. Half of the 16 wins recorded by knockout, while Johnson's jaw was crushed three times in his career (not including knockout at the hands of Chad Laprise in Tufi). To make matters worse for the American Korean fights back position, which may make it more difficult his task.
Bang but poorly presented himself on his debut against Mairbekowi Taisumovowi, colorless losing the battle. Lurking on strong blow Korean, was much less effective on the feet, and even several times landed on his back. Johnson is a master of BJJ, but his ability to judge storey higher than the Korean. If you will be able to connect to the impact of takedowns, his chances of winning increase.
Do not forget, however, that the last professional fight Kajan fought in 2011, which means a very long break from the starts. Along the way, he had a horrible episode in Tufi, though he fought there in the category of 170 lbs, while normally takes place buoys in 155 How will it affect him such a long break from the real struggle? And as for Banga trip to Canada and the fight against local competitor?
Finally, the trainee will set on the Tristar (without comparison better club than Korean Top Team Banga) Canadian, considering that it has more ways to win. The only hope seems to be a knockout Banga, while Johnson may refer also to the inventory and game ground floor.

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